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Personalized Boating Products

Nautical Product’s history begins with our founding in Ohio in 1993 by 2 enthusiastic friends who shared the love of the sun and the sea. Passed down to a younger generation, we are still a small business with the same large goal. To supply boaters around the world with high quality, unique, personalized boating apparel and products.

Boat flags and nautical flags were traditionally used to send out messages to other mariners or those ashore. They were the modes of communication among the mariners during those times when there were no radios, cell phones or any other device to contact the other vessels.

Today, boat flags are used for recreational or decorative purposes. Boat owners hang these colorful banners to make their boats noticed. Most boat flags carry the boat’s name or owners name or even the port or city where they are from. They are also a mode of distinguishing a particular boat from all others. At Nautical Products, your flag can be as unique as you are. With a broad range of images and colors to choose from, as well as the large array of products including personalized boating apparel, the possibilities are endless.

The parade of boats at sea with colorful flags waving gracefully is always a sight to behold. Having your own personalized text reflected on colorful flags would make it more personal and unique from the rest. Give life and add character to the boat by having your own personalized flag. These customized flags are created according to the boat owners specification. They are made of quality and durable materials designed to last for a long period of time, whether displayed indoor or outdoors.